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Extracts from our Constitution

1.  Name 
   a. The Group shall be called “The Friends” of Holmebrook Valley Park, referred to here after as “The Friends”.  
2.  Mission Statement 
   a.  To promote and enhance the experience of visiting Holmebrook Valley Park.
3.  Aim 
   a.  To support the protection and development of the park for the benefit of the local community, park visitors and the wildlife.
4.  Objectives 
a.  To work in partnership with Chesterfield Borough Council. 
   b.  To provide a source of information and help to inform the local Community about issues and activities in the park. 
   c.  To encourage the use of the park and its facilities. 
   d.  To have active involvement in the detail and delivery of the future  development of the park. 
   e.  To support improvement to the park’s landscape and wildlife biodiversity. 
   f.  To seek financial support and grants to develop the park facilities and activities. 
   g.  To organise social, fundraising and promotional events as may be deemed necessary to achieve the aim of “The Friends”. 
   h.  To use various media to raise public awareness of “the Friends”.

A full copy of the Constitution may be obtained from the Committee.

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