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June 2011

FriTony Bee Orchid-7ends of Holmebrook Valley Park  - Nature Report 26-6-11

BREAKING NEWS: Bee Orchid seen in Holmebrook Valley Park. That’s a first for me!

There are already hundreds of Southern Marsh Orchids and Common Spotted Orchids. In fact, more have been detected this year than previously.

Other highlights this year:

First Primrose, next to False Oxlip (a hybrid between cowslip and primrose) seen last year.

Blue eyed grass seen for a second year near the lake.

Betony seen for the first time in the fenced area, grazed earlier in the year by ponies.

The biggest regret people have when speaking to me is loss of the Swans from the lake. Having had the joy of the signets been born last year and then a second family of Swans join them, it’s a bitter blow now to have none. Their disappearance coincides with breeding season, so presumably they could be breeding elsewhere. In my optimism I think the Swans could return when their new signets are old enough to fly???

Water voles have been seen in the lake and by the bridge over the stream.

Common blue and Blue tailed Damselflies are around the lake, as is the Black tailed Skimmer Dragonfly. Other species should appear in the next month.

I’ve had one sighting of a Grass Snake reported to me.

Himalayan Balsam has established itself between platforms 14 & 18 at the lake side. It seeds easily and spreads quickly killing off native species of plants. I’m trying to tackle the problem before it flowers. I could always do with more help.

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