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March 2014

Holmebrook Valley Park Nature Report  31 March 2014

Spring has sprung. The early warmth has brought on many wild flowers and insects. I have spotted 3 different butterflies already, the Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Comma. Among the early show are Cowslips, Wood Anemone, Common Field Speedwell, Lesser Celandine, Opposite leaved Golden Saxifrage, Coltsfoot, False Oxlip, Red Campion, Honesty, Dog’s Mercury, Daisy and Dandelion, joining with the many Daffodils. The white of the Blackthorn is evident alongside the gold of the Gorse. More spring flowers to come; see the display in the pavilion.

The high winds of winter saw one of the floating islands break free from its anchorage and float down the other end of the lake; now anchored in a new position. On the one isle that stayed secure I observed a Heron and a Cormorant at the same time, a first for me. The only other winter visitors to the lake were the Tufted Duck and Goosander.

If you see anything unusual please let me know.

Tony Marron  email: a.marron020@btinternet.com

Or phone:  01246 276693

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