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Petanque Area

P1040095-1Petanque (or French Boule) is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.
It can be an all year round sport or for some playing starts in the spring when the warmer weather or lighter evenings are with us.

Pétanque owes its extraordinary growth to the fact that it is a sport that most people would like to have a go.

Anyone can play.
Few have little or no information on how to start.

Most people have seen the game being played whilst on holiday, either at the beach or maybe a sleepy village in France Germany Belgium or indeed anywhere in the World. Three heavy steel boule is all that you require.
The game is ideally suited to those among us who wish to be fitter but require a sport or activity that is accessible to their level. No great strength is required, just a keen eye and most importantly a cunning mind.
Pétanque can be played by either sex, the young, old, disabled (wheel-chair users included) and is completely classless.
The sport is a great socialiser - in an open environment and fosters good sportsmanship.

The English Pétanque Association has 16 regions - we are in the new Mercia region.
Competitions are played up and down the country and it is hoped that at some time in the future we from Chesterfield may play amongst the best.

We are very fortunate here in Chesterfield to have a club at Holmebrook Valley Park. A super location with free car parking, toilet facilities, cafe and fantastic views.  Our piste is open to the public and anyone can have a game at any time.
However should you require a little guidance come and join us at one of our club sessions for free advice and loan of boule.

Sunday 10am
Wednesday 2pm.
Selected evenings through-out the summer months

All are welcome, including the disabled.
Juniors must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Contacts: Ian Kingman email ian.kingman@icloud.com  mobile number 07910298890 or visit their website 
Tim Jervis email timjervis56@gmail.com  mobile number 07969481971


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